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What they say on forums about Romanian women

On one forum I have found very interesting opinion about Romanian women. The guy says he has never been to Romania, but he lives somewhere in Western Europe and personally knows many Romanian immigrants. He would divide all Romanian women into two groups: of gypsy origin and of Romanian origin. The first group of women he didn’t like at all and said they seem not pretty to him; the second group, Romanians, the group that is much larger than previous one, according to him, in majority were way too slim, but among them he observed women of unique, not real beauty, so pretty it is hard to describe.

Sad for him fact he found out was that all those pretties he had to meet were already married. Observer also says Romanian women, especially pretty ones, seriously identify themselves as descendants of Roman empire (not Italians or Germans, but Romanians only) and because of that they are very proud of themselves and even ignorant. Author of that post also added that it is only his subjective opinion, but according to the tons of information I’ve examined before I wrote this post, the thoughts of many other men about Romanian women are pretty much the same.

The other forum member wrote that according to his subjective opinion most of Romanian women are not that pretty, but there are some unique diamonds among them and they shine so bright with their beauty on the background of others. As you see, this is subjective opinion. Understanding of beauty is also very subjective and changes from man to man.

There are opinions Romanian women are of very mixed blood, because they were originated from the Roman Empire, had strong Turkish influence (ancestors of Romanians were suffering from attacks of Osman Empire) and in addition to this on the North-East there were Slavic peoples. They also mixed with Romanians who lived close to their common borders.

If we check for the opinions about Romanian women on the Internet, some opinions would be unpleasant and even offensive. It is good to remember that many of these ‘opinions’ are left by men who’ve never been to Romania.