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What else you need to know about Romanian women: dark side

Problems you may face up with during the search of Romanian woman for wife is not in typical stereotypes or superstitions like high criminal rate in the country, or high chance to meet woman with insincere intentions. The real problem is that there is much of wrong information about Romanian women on different dating sites. These sites describe Romanian women only in a good light, making them perfect and almost holly.

To say the truth, many Romanian women are far of the ideal of perfect lady for the wife. And it is not going about beauty. They are not very picky, but tricky. If marriage is a way to move to live in better country, many would use any chance, be sure.

Of course, not all Romanian women are like that. Do not make false stereotypes. But take into consideration there are many women like that. Many women have shades of post communist mentality.

For example, you propose her to go to the restaurant and she’ll say you better eat at home as it is cheaper. You meant not just eating, but spending a time. But she didn’t get it.

Financial situation in Romania is far of perfection. Many Romanian women have worked abroad and learned foreign languages, have seen better life. If there is a chance, not all but many would marry foreigner to escape Romania. Very often it is not about feelings and love, but about personal interest.

Romanian women as many women in post communist countries care about opinion of others very much and therefore feel themselves more tensed. At the same time they are too much concerned with their appearance and again about opinion of others about appearance.

Why do they care about appearance so much? There are many reasons. One of them is to attract men. But even when they find their chosen one they still dress up the same to look not worse than others.

Situation remains similar even when Romanian woman gets older. She still dresses up fancy clothes in order to nostalgic moments and, of course, to impress others. There’s nothing bad in the fact that Romanian women like to look good, wearing nice clothes and using appropriate make up. Many could not afford it during times of communism as there was not much choice in the stores.

In this article we tried to be objective and show the other side of Romanian reality rather than write vanilla stories about happy marriages of Romanian women with foreigners.

One should remember there is good and bad everywhere. No one is perfect. Looking for pros only is not the best practice when trying to find the merit. The same applies to cons. If you look for cons only it would go far from objectiveness.

It is worth to remember – every woman is unique individual with her own traits of character, pluses and minuses. If she is ment to be with you and you were ment to be with her, one day you will find each other.