How good are Romanian girls

If you understand how the Romanian women think it will give you a better chance in getting the relationship and maybe you will find your love among beautiful Romanian women. My article about Romania will surprise you. This is not a recommendation how to find a girl in Romania. In fact, it is a problem. Any notes that Romanian women are easy going and are known of their frivolity is wrong or not quite right. In this article I will try to fight stereotypes.

I will try to report what exactly Romanian woman in general are looking for in relationships with the manOn the Internet there is a lot of positive and negative written about Romanian women. However, much of this is not the real facts, but stereotypes and opinions. Even people from Romania and a partialy biased of their own society. This post might open you completely different information about Romanian girls that you used to know before.

I would like to refute some myths concerning Romanian women. 

Romanian girls are looking for sponsors It is not true. Just because a poor country do not think so.
Romanian girls are easily accessible It is not common for Romanian girls, they are fine girls who want to marry, have family and live happily ever after.
Roma and Romanian are not synonymous People in Europe and the United States believe that the Romanian are gypsy. Not that I'm against Roma, but people need to know more. Also Romanians are not Slavs, they are something else. Though, there are a lot of gypsies in Romania.
Romanian women are not smart Romanian girls are very smart and both streetsmart and booksmart. Most girls have higher education, mainly through communism heritage, which guaranteed provision of education. This is in contrast to the US or the UK, which have about 11% of our students go to university. Romanians tend to gravitate to work.
Romania is grim, dark gray post-communist country with the legend of Dracula Romania is very nice country with lots of ski resorts and sea resorts. Has beautiful nature. Amazing place where you find real natural food, beautiful landscapes and friendly people.

If you want to find the clue to real understanding Romanian women, keep reading. There are three main themes in the culture of Romania, which had an impact on people living in this country. The Romanians are mostly orthodox. The Romanians are proud of the greatness of their country in the past. Romania has been a regional superpower for hundreds of years with rich culture. Economic difficulties are the problem in Romania. On the one hand, Romania in the EU, but on the other hand salaries are very low compared to Western Europe.

What kind of men Romanian women are looking for? I would say someone they can have a church wedding with. Someone she could raise their children together with. If times are hard, he should be able to support his Romanian wife. They are not looking for good times and stupid egotistical western guys. Romanian women are looking for real. Most Romanian women want more than just material goods and hyper consumption. Their ideal man is not only a champion in the traditional sense, but the one who also has a real spiritual connection with his other half.

Romanians are the descendants of the Great Roman Empire. Sometimes even closer genetically than some modern -day Italians. Romanians are the last of the ancient Romans. In addition, Romania is full EU member. Every citizen of the EU can work and live in any place in Europe from Bucharest, Romania to France or the UKSo if you think you are cool and show you got money to impress Romanian girl and she will marry you because of that, think again. In this case you are under the risk to be scammed. And this is not only about Romanian girls. This is everywhere in the world. If you want to find easy going girl for money, you may do it in your home country and there is no need to visit Romania. Normal girl, who is smart, beautiful, well educated and nice person will not choose you as a partner or future husband only because of your money. Love and dating are more about real feelings to Romanian girl and every normal girl in the world.

How good are Romanian girls

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I will not deny that some Romanian girls sell their bodies for money. These types of working girls is an issue in Romania like it is in New York, Paris or anywhere else in the world. It is not a Romanian women’s problem but a human issue. Since people look to examples instead of the rule, some foreigner will see a couple of Romanians at a club and make the assumption this is the way it is in Romania. And this is wrong opinion, it is completely different than it is in Romania. Try taking a trip to capital of Romania or any village you will not see this. Girls from every country behave like that, I mean being easy, so let us not make stereotypes. Of course, there are Romanian girls who are selling themselves into prostitution  because of their economic situation. I want to bring to the world the idea that Romanian girls are not so easy and to take that stereotype out of your brains. There is nothing more sin or "bad"  or easy among Romanian girls than in other girls of the world.

Why it is known that girls from Romania are looking for foreign groom. Partially because of economical situation. Most professional people in Romania make less than 1,000 Euro a month, the average is only about 300 Euro a month. Though, the things to buy are very cheap in Romania. Flats and houses are very expensive to buy. If you make 1,000 Euro a month you are doing great. Romanian citizens massively go to the UK for work as an EU citizens, because salaries in UK are the biggest. Later on Romanians come back to small towns and build a house or buy a flat. People build their homes in Romania with cash earned in Western EU. What is called the Romanian advantage is that guy from Romania buys cheap flight to London, works there for 3 or 5 years and comes back home rich, builds a house, buys a car (or already has one). The same thing very often Romanian girls do. They go for work to Great Britain and work as the house cleaners, doing agricultural works that Brits wouldn't do.

So now you know more truth about Romanian girls and if you decided to get aquainted, I will give you some hints. To take place in the heart of a Romanian women you have to be rather smart than rich. Do not be selfish, be soft and gentle, but be real man at the same time, especially in some harsh life situations. Wallet full of dollars and fancy car will work in case with girls who would like to use you or scam you. To find real relationships with Romanian girls you have to be yourself, but to be smart, intelligent, funny, in order to get the girl interested in you. I'm not saying you have to be poor, there should be a golden middle, just not make your money your priviledge.

  • Efreet

    I dated a girl from Minsk once. She was very kind and so was her family, but the pressure to get married was very strong. She was 24 years old and apparently in their culture that is the time that a young lady needs to get serious if she wants to find a husband. I was not interested in getting married so I let her go. Based on my experience with her, I have a very positive image of Belarussian girls and of their people in general.

    • Ukrnetia

      The point is that in Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries marriage is an issue. If girl is not mariied until 25 she thinks she would be not needed, not desired and finally stay lonely. The same stereotype have men who think that if girl was not married earlier there were some reasons, usualy negative. It is not exactly 25, but 27 is too late for sure. In your case, I think she probably might consider your intentions not serious enough. You should have talk the issue over and say you have plans for marriage, but in 2 or 3 years, for example (if you really intent so) and she would understand and wait. I suppose you told you don’t consider marriage important at all what is totally unappropriate to do considering Eastern European womens’ mentality.

      • Efreet

        I would only have been lying if I told her that I wanted to wait a few years before getting married. I cared enough for her that I wanted her to find herself a husband while she was still young enough to have the most options for men. I’m sure she found someone not long after I broke up with her. There are still plenty of men around here who believe in marriage.

    • Wissam Sobh

      Hi there…
      Im planing to go after 15days to minsk to search for one girl for a seriouse relation ship can u help me with some details plz.

      • Efreet

        what? just randomly go there and start looking or have you been already in contact with a woman?

        I can provide to you a small bit of advice: Poetry is huge in many parts of Slavic eastern Europe. If you can learn a little bit about their most beloved poets and even a verse or two… that will be very impressive. If you can deliver those verses with feeling, that will be even better.

        • Efreet

          Btw, see the countryside and the war memorial sites. Take her with you and ask lots of questions.

  • EuropeanGuy

    Garbage article as Greek Romanian who lived in Romania both Romanian women and men are awful and obsessed with money and confortable life

    • Rotarescu

      As Romanian woman, I would like to assume that you probably have met wrong people or your opinion is way too biased. I’m not saying all people in Romania perfect, but definitely not like you wrote, Mr. half-Greek half something LOL who judges the whole country with his poor opinion. Article is great and everyone has right to express her/his opinion even if it is such poor as yours. At least here is not written stereotypic bulls**t about Romanian women as everywhere else.

      • EuropeanGuy

        Can You spare me with your arrogant Romanian woman mentality ? Go bore somebody else ! Siktir jet !

      • EuropeanGuy

        Ia mai du te naibii de româncă sunteți zeițe eterne mereu tinere și stăpâne pe destinele Europei și ale lumii? Vai sanchi ce sa zic ! Acum să aud tiganismele tale românești de furie lol !

      • EuropeanGuy

        Toate româncele sunt la fel am 33 de ani și peste 20 trăiți în România…Nu am aspect fizic neplăcut sunt îngrijit la haine și igienă și toate româncele de toate vârstele sunt tzoape rasiste și misandriste intelegi ?