Get Romanian woman in bed

I would not say Romanian women are easy to get them in bed, maybe they are just the same as anywhere in the world, but there are certainly some hints you may use to get the effect you need to get Romanian girl in bed some day. And again I am not going to tell about some very good things, some of readers might not like it, but it is my opinion or sort of advice, if so, than after trying to follow such of my advices maybe you'll get the positive effect or not. Again, it's only up to you and it might work the same as might not. Though there are much more chances it would.

So, Romania is poor country and girls are poor as well. Average salary in Romania is about 300 Euro that is prety not much for Western European or American. The appartments and all kinds of property are very expensive as well. Many Romanian girls go to the other, more reach and payable EU countries to work, especially to the UK. In UK salaries are the biggest Romanians could get and they like to visit this country to look for the job. That's why you can meet pretty Romanian girls in some rich and developed EU countries, get aquainted with them and try to seduce her to finally get that Romanian girl in bed of yours. However, it doesn't mean Romanian girls are easy because they are poor. It all depends on particular person and it is all up to you, whether you'll get nothing or achieve the goal and how much time it would take. Maybe you find some Romanian girl who would like to marry foreigner like you in order to stay in UK for permanent living. Chances are high.

The other way to find Romanian girl who would appear soon in your bed is to visit Romania. Prices for food, flat rent and alcohol in bars are low or even ridiculous for the Westerner, so with your British, American or Australian income you could feel very rich in Romania. You may use this plus to find and pick up some Romanian girls. But remember, that there is a chance also to be scammed or even robbed. So do not show your money saying in Romania you are rich. It is better to use another approach using money priviledge. If you liked Romanian girl, buy her a drink, make a small present, like flowers, for example. Oh, flowers... unlike Western women Romanians like when men present them flowers, so use this also.

Get Romanian woman in bed

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Depending on the place you are in Romania you will meet different girls. Inteligent and those who are willing to make a family probably won't go to cheap bars, dancing and hanging on the guys' neck. If you want this sort of Romanian women, you will definitely find them and get into bed, but are they so much different than the same type in U.S., let's say?

Remember once more, poor doesn't mean easy going. Do not think so when you are going to Romania. The country is not that much poor. It is just more poor, comparing to Western countries. So, if you have met good girl, that is interested in you as a person, but not as the wallet and is eager to chat with you and is open and smart, look up better, maybe she could be even a good possible wife of yours.

There are many mixed Romanian and gipsy girls in the country and they are often trying to use foreigner as they want. They may openly ask for money, even saying they have sick relatives and so on, that what gipsy girls here like to do, so be aware. Those gipsy girls are very emotional and active, as well as might be very pretty, but the minus is you never read what exactly is on her mind. You better ommit this type, because they are very selfish and you get nothing than trouble after hanging out with them. Different types of possible trouble like loosing money, disease or bad mood. Also you gotta know Romanians don't like gypsies because they(Romanians) are often equalized to them by the rest of the world. And remember, if you want Romanian girl in your bed and make a lot of efforts while achieving that, some day it will happen and you'll get the prize you deserved.

  • can

    interesting view of Romanian woman
    I’m not sure what to make of them…..
    and in fact something may be true but others I disagree…

    Most Romanian woman will not pay you a drink….and they will be very upset if you don’t come up front and pay for her…

    so I call it materialistic….There’s a lot of girl Romanian girls sleeping around just to pay they apartments during they University times and the numbers are big…so yes a lot of them are someone’s bitch for a while in they life..

    and yes there’s some very good girls I been living in România for two year and I have seen the many sides of Romanian woman. and I always meet professional girl…no Gipsy etc or professional sex workers. But in Bucharest there’s a big amount of girls wishing to get out. and when it comes to the Uk…UK is the worst place to immigrate in Europe but they go to the Uk because of the language….Switzerland. Sweden. Norway and Germany Spain are the favorite choice for immigration and income is bigger then the Uk. As the highest pay country’s in the Europe Norway. Switzerland. Luxembourg. Normal is double or more the minimum income…..just harder languages and harder to get jobs…

  • Red

    I’ve got a Romanian girl coming round this afternoon. I live in uk. I hope to have fun with her

  • Alina

    Hello,i was reading what u wrote in here (im romanian girl) i must say im impressed of how little you know romanian ladies…or ladies all…Flowers…gifts, little attentions all women from this planet love,not just romanian girls…at least we arent alcoholic like uk girls,we fight alot trough life to get where we want ,u wont see romanian girls get drunk like british girls,as culture we are above all europeans ,we speak 3 or 4 languages we don’t live with our parents ,we are independent,and yes not easy to get that means we do have spin,we do have standards !Yes we were born in the wrong place ,you could say that,remember we were under communism 25 years while others lived free …so under this circumstances i guess we do pretty well since we were like caged birds for 25 years .My dear ,think before u write something ,try to see all the picture not just a part of it…Being a gentleman involves respect…if u invited someone out (boy or girl) u gotta pay ,esspecialy if she is a lady that u try to impress…yes u buy her flowers ,u open the doors, u offer ur coat simple things ,normal things…a real british guy wouldnt write this silly description,not an educated one.My compliments to ur “knowledge” and skills when is about how to get in bed with a romanian woman…u just blow me away..:))Bravoo fantastic|!

  • Alina

    P.S …and for example when i go out ,i pay my share..why? bcuz like that ,HE wont have the nerve to hit on me,some of you may think if u pay a drink she has to open her legs,wrong not all of us do that,thats why i pay 4 my share,if he wants to get in my pants he has to work his ass off 4 that…and brains too ..if he has (ofcourse,is known that when a man has a hard thing his brain gets softer)..:))

  • Ukrnetia