Are Romanian women easy going?

Romanian women respect themselves and even in the shade of last trend when they massively moving in shade of labor migration and ways to find a better life. Romanian women have honor and the thing they respect their own soul and body and have their own dignity, but that is if we say in comparison to girls from some other nations who stereotypically belong to those who are thought to be easy when it is going about relations with foreigner.

On one hand, there are many foreigners who visit Romania in search of girls and this search could be called hunting. Such foreigner from the West, having money on his credit card usually thinks he is a god in Romania, because this country is poor comparing to the USA or the United Kingdom. Dear gentleman, do not forget the poor country is, the more it keeps to the traditions and those traditions are built on the strong moral norms. Dear western gentleman, do not imagine if you come to Romania, withdraw some Euro cash from the bank machine and start waving with money, every pretty Romanian girl would come and hand on your neck. With such an attitude you could gain yourself problems, like being robbed by local criminal elements or you could be scammed by some local representative of the oldest profession.

So, are Romanian women easy at all if to sum up? There was so many controversial information in the first paragraph that it is hard to understand where the real truth is. The truth is somewhere in the middle or in between as we say. You could not judge the entire nation according to stereotypes. There are different representatives in every nation. Every single person is different and has own level of moral norms and also important is whether how shy the person is or how this person appreciates own dignity and own freedom; also religion makes great impact on every Romanian girl and this is kind of thing that would restrict girl from doing mindless actions and mistakes even if the person is not deeply religious and does not go to church every day. Average Romanian girl would never go to bed with foreigner just because he is foreigner and he has money. If you are such a foreigner and plan to pay for dinner, to buy some drinks for Romanian girl and then hope for something more, more likely she would just use you as a wallet addition and say “thank you” for the nice evening, the same could be even with the group of Romanian girls.

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Romanian girls are trying to build their future and use all possible methods for that. They go abroad in search of job to make money and to make their future. If they find suitable man there even if he is a foreigner, why not? If he is ok and may provide her and their future family with all material needs, he is ok in character, has good attitude to her, why not? But if you are the type of foreigner who is looking to have some fun in Romania, it is not possible with average Romanian girl who has her own strong believes and would like to make her life more stable in every aspect but without doing mindless actions. If you are looking for some easy girls in Romania, you may find them in the clubs and to buy their attention for a few drinks. Although, to say the truth, you may find such a girls everywhere in your country and there is no need to pass miles through to Romania; well, if you have some dream to find exactly Romanian girl of this type then maybe I will only wish you luck as it is your dream; in general I gave you the idea Romanian girls are the same as girls everywhere in the world as it is not going about nationality but more about personal choice of every girl and whom she would like to be and how she would like to behave.